Social Media Messengers and What They Say About You?!

Social Media Messengers and What They Say About You?

  • We all know that social media has basically taken over the world. Due to the ever-growing number of apps and messengers, we now have more modes of communication than ever before. From Whatsapp to Facebook, people are connecting and speaking all across the world. While transitioning from dating apps to regular messengers is a natural progression, do you ever wonder what your choice of messenger says about you?


    • Whatsapp

    This is probably the World’s most used messaging service; these users may be more social media shy than the average Joe (or they at least started out that way). Using Whatsapp truly reflects on their desires to avoid all the attention seeking statuses, the hundreds of selfie posts and the annoying ads.

    When this service was launched it was purely for sending messages. Obviously, the 2018 Whatsapp we know and love today have a few tricks, allowing us to make phone/video calls, send pictures, broadcast messages and hold group chats.

    According to our Twitter poll, it’s clear you all feel the same. A whopping 70% of you prefer to use Whatsapp to speak to your new love interests, this is probably due to its direct approach. You’re a number.

    Unlike some of the other communication platforms, you don’t need a username or log- in, all you need is the phone number of whoever you’re trying to contact in order to send them a message. This goes a long way in ensuring the overall experience is more personal.

    It’s great – you’re not bombarded by any primary school friends or random people with the same surname as you, claiming to be your long-lost family – yeah, we’ve all been there *cough Facebook*.


    • Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat: #Sliding into your DM’s

    Let be honest, this started off as banter on Twitter and we’ve all watched it grow virally. The term originally represented the overly confident or uber flirtatious user, direct messaging someone they’re interested in via Twitter or Instagram. But now, it has most definitely turned into a real mode of communication. Sliding into the DM’s is the way of the millennials!

    This user is typically a young adult in their 20’s who actively uses social media. It’s quite a bold move to DM someone, so you have to respect their forwardness! Some relationships never make it out of the DM’s, but some have surely blossomed from that cheeky message. ‘Started from a DM now we here’!

    • Facebook Messenger

    It’s no secret that we left Facebook to our mums and dads to repost 6-month-old memes and videos. However, the main users of Facebook Messenger are 25-34 year olds (shortly followed by 35-44 year olds)

    This user is no stranger to dating apps. It’s been found that most people who start conversations via a dating app find it easier to move across to Facebook messenger, as opposed to meeting face-to-face or calling.

    Most people like using this messenger as it allows you to be as expressive as you want. With Gifs, emojis and memes at the ready, the convo can flow without you having to say a word.

    • Texting

    Ah, the original of the messengers. What happened to good old texting? With the emergence of all these messengers, texting is still one of the best services out there. No app necessary, no internet needed, no annoying logins, simplicity at its finest. Whether you’re an Apple or Android owner, texting does not discriminate.

    With an impressive 30% of you still loving texting, this old school method is here to stay. Typically, this user is one that is interested in getting his or her message sent across in an asap-ish manner. Speaking via text allows users to feel connected and in-touch, even whilst messaging multiple people.

    It’s no surprise that texting is becoming a popular mode of communication for millennials who are beginning to prioritise time saving. What’s more, texting gives users longer intervals to think before replying, so if you’re lost for words to say to your new boo, count your lucky stars you’re not stuck on a call with them.


    • Viber

    Viber’s whole ‘vibe’ is about being able to call anyone from anywhere. Basically, there are no limits. Chances are, this user is used to being abroad or travelling. Viber is a great way to stay in contact with people you’re otherwise separated by seas from.

    Viber has everything in one place. From mobile to desktop apps, everyone is only a click away. This user probably finds it easier to have everything in one place. Being on the move constantly makes one crave easy accessibility.

    Although this user may seem fun, worldly and enticing, Viber also has a private chat setting where users can hide group or personal chats, only accessing them via a PIN! Yep, that’s right! The person that swept you off your feet in Thailand may just be like all the others. So, be sure to check that privacy setting!!



    So, pick your messengers wisely! With all these options available at our fingertips there’s no excuse as to why you can’t message back. We’re not judging, use whichever mode is best for you. Most platforms are completely acceptable to message on, all that matters is that you are messaging!

    By Kaylyn Nesbeth


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