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What To Talk About On A Call With A Guy

  • What To Talk About On A Call With A Guy

    So, you have finally decided to call the cute guy you met on those dating apps, but what will you talk to him about… What should you talk to about on a call with a guy?

    Well, good on you to want to make the first step and call him. Congrats! Also, congrats on wanting to actually find something to talk about with a guy! There are a fair amount of girls who always prefer the man to lead the conversation and be entertained. So, you having the interest to take the reins and lead the conversation once in while is a step in the right direction!

    What to talk about on a call with a guy is important


    • Interests

    So, the best thing to talk to a guy on a call is about are his interests! So, actually show interest in what he likes to do! All guys have hobbies and they appreciate it so much when a girl actually shows genuine interest on what he likes to do.

    Talk about his interests on the call

    Ask about what makes him happy and what he likes to do in his free time. Try not to push him to say what you want to hear. You know, things like going out with the boys and never getting drunk, or investing in the stock market, or running his own business. Let him actually answer what his true passion is and then you can find out if they line up with yours.


    • Don’t be afraid to get nerdy

    What to talk about on a call with a guy that has ‘nerdy’ interests? Well you ask him all about it. Does he like Star Wars? Is he a sports fan/nerd or does he like comics? Maybe he loves action movies, or is a car fanatic who also loves video games and expensive gadgets. He could also be really into lifestyle trends like meditation, minimalism or veganism. There are a myriad of different interests that guys can have and who knows? They may surprise you.

    When you talk to a guy on a call he may surprise you

    Nerdy does not have to mean that they are into sci-fi and video games. It can just mean they are passionate about their interests and they tend to nerd-out/geek-out whenever they talk about their passion. No really, they are that simple. Upside, by not putting a barrier on his nerdy side, you may be surprised to have a common nerdy interest!

    • “Situation-Ship”?

    When on a call with a guy, you have to mention the elephant in the room at one point or another. It’s time to be upfront about what it is that you are looking for. Is it a relationship? Are you looking for a Long-term partner, FWB or a Situation-Ship? But be gentle! He may not really know what he wants, and it would be wise to not push him to give you an answer. The same way you would not like him to push you for one as well.

    What to talk about on a call with a guy is what you're looking for

    Talk about what you want from a relationship. A current relationship or a long-term relationship. Just don’t push him to say that he wants what you want too. What someone wants is their decision alone and you are not pushing to change his mind at this moment. Slow and steady always wins the race. You would be surprised at how much you can learn from someone you want to date, just based on the simple question of, “what do you want in a relationship?”


    • Coronavirus Safety

    With the current state of the world right now (as of time of publishing) many are being advised to avoid public places and also to not touch each other, as well as to constantly wash their hands. All of this is due to the Coronavirus that has affected the lives of many of us. So, in this current state of the world it would be a good idea to maybe just have call with that guy or even better, a video call.

    For safety during this Coronavirus time, having a call may be safer

    Who knows? If you get along, then maybe you could have a video call date in which you put the phone on the other side of the table and talk to each other via the phones as if you were at the same table. You could have a nice dinner to go along with the romantic date (some candles would be nice)! Yes, to some this may seem like a stretch, but in this current reality it may really seem like a good idea.

    Remember to wash your hands, even if you're just calling each other

    So, if you’re still asking what to talk about on a call with a guy, it’s simple! Be yourself, show interest in the guy and ask him to tell you about his hobbies! Once you both feel comfortable speaking to one another, things will come easier and you wont find it hard to keep the conversation going. Good luck! Also, remember to wash your hands during this time and keep things clean ?

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