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What To Wear On The First 3 Dates

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    Look, I know this has been talked about so much already, but this topic is also super important when it comes to dating. Especially if you’re new to the dating game. It’s, of course, the big question: What the hell do you wear on your date?! Well, in this post my dears, I will share my personal beliefs of what to wear on the first 3 dates…

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    To be completely honest, I’ve never paid true attention to what to wear when I would go on a date, I figured it sort of came to me naturally. I mean, don’t get me wrong, of course you would want to look nice, but I would never put myself into situation where I would feel uncomfortable or completely the opposite of my true self and let me tell you, my style varies a lot. One day I can look like a unicorn, next day I’ll be extremely elegantly chic and next, you’ll see me rocking my sweatpants and a crop top with pineapple hair.

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    We all lead very busy lives, especially in cities like London, and I don’t know about most of you, but I always had my dates scheduled after work and I never had the luxury to go home and change. I’m a busy lady, always running around and I don’t have time for these things. I’m lucky if I have five minutes to fix myself quickly, let alone change/plan my entire outfit! Although, truth be told in the industry I work, I have the freedom to dress how I wish. Some people don’t have that luxury, which is completely understandable.

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    But here it goes, my first 3 dates fashion rules. Disclaimer, I’m pretty sure I made these up myself or possibly took inspiration from other people, but they’re not official. Basically, don’t come for me if they don’t work for you, ok?! Thanks 🙂

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    My first 3 dates fashion rules

    • 1stdate – Dress smart casual. No need to impress them straight away. Save the best for the last, make them work for it 😉 If you’re a busy person like myself, let them see how you are more or less every day. This is just you, showing up for another “meeting”, your more or less “everyday look”. Nothing too over the top, but still nice. Side note, think about what your everyday look is. If it’s pajamas, I don’t literally meanwear THAT “everyday look” outfit. I don’t know about you, but I get away with trainers and my pajama looking pants every day, so my “smart casual” is not actually smart at all.

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    • 2nddate – Fabulous. Depends where you go, but I would say show them the fabulous side of yourself. Obviously, you are there because you like them, right? You had fun before and some things might have happened, so going on your second date will establish what will happen next… So, what I would do on the second date is take it up a notch and make sure that the date is on the weekend. Then, you’ll have that freedom and an excuse to dress up (as if you need one!) What happens next might be inspired by your outfit, if you know what I mean… 😉

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    • 3rddate – Casual. Absolutely casual. If you’re having a 3rddate already, congratulations! That means it really has the potential to go somewhere. They’ve seen you in your everyday working state, they’ve seen you in your fabulous state, now you don’t want to scare them off, so I suggest be as real as you can. (For the ladies who like their make-up, maybe try to turn it down a little, go natural if you can. They want to know the real you, god knows that there are some guys out there that think gold eyeshadow as actually part of your face.)

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    So, there you go. Those are my personal 3 first dates fashion rules. Some of you might find them helpful, some absurd. Main point is, never put yourself in uncomfortable situation for anyone. You should always come first (and no let’s not make a dirty joke out of this, people!)

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