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What To Wear On A Gay First Date

Before a first date, almost all of us ask ourselves the same question: what am I going to wear? We create a mountain of clothes in the corner of our bedrooms as we try on outfit after outfit, stressing about how we should look. While it’s important to be comfortable, what we wear on a first date is crucial because first impressions matter. After all, there may not be a second date if you show up in the first rag you find in your closet.

You want to make an effort on a first date, but it’s still vital that you stay true to yourself and your style. Don’t go overboard to the point where you feel uncomfortable and even insecure during the date.

From CLiKD , our advice is to always wear your favorite outfit when going on a first date. Even if you think, “Oh, I’ve worn it too many times,” well, this person has never met you before…so it’s perfect. However, your favorite outfit may not be the right fit depending on the activity and location you’ve chosen for the date. Once you have chosen where you want to go on your first date, only then should you think about what to wear.


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Something stylish, but comfortable

Whether you’re going to a local pub, a standard restaurant or perhaps for a walk in the park, wear something comfortable enough to be yourself, but stylish enough to make you feel relaxed with your date.



Be comfortable yet fashionable



Loose top and jeans

A nice, relaxed outfit can look cool and fashionable. This would be convenient if you were doing something different for your first date, like going to an evening pottery class (which could get you dirty).


An outfit that screams “fabulous”

If you’re feeling especially confident…make a statement. Wear something bold that reflects your personality. A flashy outfit like that would also be suitable for pubs, nightclubs (if they ever open them) or something similar… but it totally depends on your personal style.



Don’t be afraid to dress uniquely



Your favorite everyday outfit

This is what everyone should wear on a first date, unless the activity or venue isn’t appropriate. You’ll feel comfortable this way, and you won’t have to try on a dozen outfits. Easy.




And while you’re getting ready, just…. have fun! Give yourself enough time to avoid the stress of rushing, put on your best Spotify playlist and get ready while you have a drink to lighten the mood. If you’re going to wear makeup, definitely choose the outfit first. There is nothing worse than finally choosing the perfect outfit for the first date and then smearing it with foundation or bb cream.

Besides… once you’ve got the outfit on, why not add an extra touch? A hoop earring (or two), a necklace, some nice rings, a choker, bracelets… anything to give you that extra something.

Good luck, my dears, and remember, always be yourself and have fun!



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