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What Types Of Love Relationships Are There And How To Identify Them?

According to the triangular theory in psychology, there are different types of love relationships in which we can be involved.

At times, when finding love seems more like a mere stroke of luck, many of us wonder if we are really with the person meant for us. The ups and downs that a couple goes through are almost always the turning point for a free fall towards a breakup.

Overcoming the stage of falling in love and moving on to the practice of love is quite a challenge. Although this can happen, there are other aspects to which we must pay close attention.

To have the basis of a romance, the couple must balance intimacy, commitment and passion. Intimacy refers to the closeness of two souls, commitment is the decision to be with someone and passion refers to the strength to show what you feel. What types of couples are there according to this theory?


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Couples with infatuation

These couples are dominated by passion and it is the only bond they have created over time. They may be together for months or years, however, they do not develop a bond beyond that. Moreover, they know little about each other in depth and have very low degrees of intimacy and commitment.


Empty relationship

They are those who have a strong mutual commitment, but between them there is neither passion nor intimacy. Mostly, these couples are together for convenience or because they had the bad luck to live in a society where arranged marriages are very common.



Mostly, these couples are together for convenience



Romantic couples

Romantic love is one of the most common among couples, as there is a strong connection in intimacy and passion, but still no clear commitment from either party. This is because they have no agreements in their relationship and everything is very spontaneous and full of emotions, but they are not looking for a solid relationship.



Sociable couples

In this type of couple, individuals focus on commitment and intimacy, but passion is conspicuous by its absence. Intimate encounters may occur from time to time, but this is more routine. Activities outside the home are common and domestic arrangements are best. If this is okay with both of you, then you will be very stable.


Fatuous or crazy relationships

The so-called fatuous or crazy relationships are those in which there is passion and commitment, but no intimacy. There is no trust to share secrets with each other, much lessfor those talks in which each of the members of the couple exposes their point of view on important issues.




The crazy relationships are those in which there is passion and commitment, but no intimacy.


Consummate love

This is the love we all want to reach and experience, because it is the perfect balance of passion, intimacy and commitment. It is true love where there is trust, desire and empathy.


It should be noted that each couple is a world apart and lives according to the agreements they make regarding their relationship. This is not a rule, it is something that is longed for. Everything will depend on each couple.




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