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What Your Favourite Love Islander Says About Your Dating Life

  • It’s Summer (although you may not believe it if you’ve been looking out the window lately), so you know what that means? The return of every Brits favourite reality tv show, Love Island! Time to decide your favourite Love Islander!

    3.7 million of us tuned in to the first episode of the series to watch a group of horny 20-somethings all try and work around various degrees of “hard to get” and “come and get me”.

    It’s only been just over a week and we’ve had several new members, 1 re-coupling, more than a handful of kisses and 2 almost concrete couples already.

    The beauty of Love Island is that the show somehow manages to get a reasonable amount of varying personalities coming into the villa. In spite of the shows numerous critics who target the shows lack of physical and age diversity represented, with an unnatural amount of abs consistently on show, Love Island manages to find +10 individuals who all approach finding love differently.

    In this article you will be finding out what your favourite Islander says about you and your dating life and habits.

    Amber Love Islander

    (photo credit: https://www.itv.com/loveisland/amber-gill)


    If this is your favourite Love Islander, you are “fiery”, take no crap and are not there for any half-arsed, boring conversation. You will also not be someones second choice. This makes you the type of person who takes their dating life incredibly seriously.

    As much as you view dating as fun you will not have your time wasted. You need someone who is equally snappy and can take banter as well as they can give it, otherwise it will soon be curtains for them.

    However, be aware that you don’t have to cut off your options SO aggressively. Whilst someone at first may not be your type you can give someone more time that what you are currently allowing.

    Amy Love Islander

    (Photo credit: https://www.itv.com/loveisland/amy-hart)


    You say you go into all dates open to “anything that happens” and willing to “see how it goes”. By that you actually mean “if they aren’t looking for anything reasonably serious within a few weeks then I am OUT.”

    Not to say you are desperate for a relationship and you never need to be in one, but you are feeling a bit of internal pressure that isn’t ideal.

    Given your potential lack of experience in serious relationships it’s almost surprising that you have your priorities and “type” so mapped out. You want someone who will look after you and offer you the support you deserve.  At this point your anti-f*ck-boy force field is well and truly up and you aren’t interested in the classic “bad boy” thing. You just want someone nice to marry- sorry get in a relationship with as an when  works out… or now.

    Anna Love Island

    (Photo Credit: https://www.itv.com/loveisland/anna-vakili)


    You are a fun (and troubling for people into you) combination of laid back and high maintenance. In other words you won’t rush into anything with anyone, and are super receptive to advances from interested parties… but once that interest is established they will be judged.

    You expect a certain level of attention and interest from someone who wants to be spending more time with you, but you won’t always (or ever) go in search of it cause of how chilled you are.

    You’d much rather let people come to you and then see what happens than force a situation or put too much pressure on anything. Let them flock and the rest will follow.

    Anton Love Island

    (Photo credit: https://www.itv.com/loveisland/anton-danyluk)


    You are there for all possibilities. Literally all. Like any opportunity that comes your way (and even that don’t),  you’ll be MORE than happy to entertain. You are quite the flirt and while you anticipate a lot of rejection you’ve learnt to roll with the punches.

    It may be advisable for you to not cast such a wide net, but then again f*ck it. It’s your net, you do what you want and attempt to catch whatever you want with it… within reason and safety first.

    Regardless be sure someone for you will definitely appear in some shape or form.

    Chris Love Island

    (Photo Credit: https://www.itv.com/loveisland/curtis-pritchard)


    You’ve somehow cracked the perfect combination of charismatic and kind, like this favourite Love Islander. My goodness, do you know how to use it! You make an instant positive impression and appear to be the all round perfect gent.

    However, you may also appear too good to be true? By all means continue what you’re doing, it’s working, but also don’t be afraid to break your mould a bit depending on the situation.

    It’s at this point that anything I say won’t help you, like I’m basically splitting your perfectly coiffured hairs. You’re doing great.

    Danny Love Island

    (Photo credit: https://www.itv.com/loveisland/danny-williams)


    Well, you certainly know how to make a late entrance like this Love Islander. Walking in all genuine, and handsome, and nice, and tall and did I mention handsome? You aren’t someone who tries to hard to lay the banter down or flirt too obviously, it all seems disturbingly natural to you.

    You seem like the type that may just about get away with everything because of your charming smile and dimples, and the whole handsome thing.

    I have every faith your dating life will go swimmingly if you just keep yourself cool… and remain handsome.

    Joe Love Island

    (Photo credit: https://www.itv.com/loveisland/joe-garratt)


    You’re a cheeky chappy who reckons his nice curls and smart-aleck banter will get you far, and you probably aren’t wrong. You definitely know what you’re interested in and go far to get it which is very admirable… but maybe hold back on the emotions a tad.

    You risk losing out on situations that might make you genuinely happy by using emotional blackmail or accidentally being a bit manipulative. This may not be intentional but you have to be careful about controlling yourself and your words when in an emotional state.

    Overall though you should be absolutely fine, your fun loving personality and genuine good will and desire to be a good bloke should see you through.

    Lucie Love Island

    (Photo credit: https://www.itv.com/loveisland/lucie-donlan)


    You know your type down to an almost laser cutout stencil scale of precision. This is excellent because thankfully most people seem to be into you, including, fortunately for you, your type of person. Therefore no need to waste any time, and on you go… Bit too easy though isn’t it?

    Wouldn’t you want to try something else out? Variety is the space of life etc. Also would mean that you wouldn’t necessarily purely settle for your type regardless of any emotional flaws they may have?

    Just a thought as regardless you are doing absolutely fine and have no need to change your easy going manner and exact decision making.

    Michael Love Island

    (Photo credit: https://www.itv.com/loveisland/michael-griffiths)


    If you’re like this Love Islander, you may have been frequently accused of looking like a f*ck boy, your personality and vibe give off anything but that. You’re very interested in who you’re interested in and otherwise manage to successfully balance being a trustworthy lad and friendly flirt.

    Your chirpy and chatty manner combined with your killer smile probably helps you get out of a lot of tricky situations. I’d watch out for situations when your head could get turned as considering people pre-conceptions of you you may find yourself more liable to get re-tagged with the f*ck boy brand pretty sharpish.

    Molly-Mae Love Island

    (Photo credit: https://www.itv.com/loveisland/mollymae-hague)


    Your personality is out there for all to see and as a result people will judge as they like. You aren’t certain of your type (except for being tall) and are happy to be surprised by people as they develop, like this Love Islander.

    Some people might use this as an opportunity to call you too open to change and being too flirty but who cares what they think? As long as you’re having fun without grossly offending someone then that’s all that matters?

    I would probably watch out for the occasion where you do find yourself falling for someone. Untapped emotions to do with attachment may start to reveal themselves which you may not be prepared for and things could get messy.

    Sherif Love Island

    (Photo credit: https://www.itv.com/loveisland/sherif-lanre)


    You are determined to find the right person for you without changing for anyone. Massive props to you and good luck on your journey.

    You may want to watch out for being too stubborn as sticking to your guns is great, but relationships require compromise and understanding. Whilst it’s definitely good to not be too reactive it’s always nice to show that you’ll be a good listener and meet someone else’s needs.

    Tommy Love Island

    (Photo credit: https://www.itv.com/loveisland/tommy-fury)


    You use your cheerful and slightly dopey character to cover what is a super sensitive and tender side that really resonates with people, like this Love Islander.

    Having both sides to you makes you a legitimate catch for a lot of people, but watch out for getting involved in situations that you may lose control of quite quickly.

    If you’re finding yourself trying to balance people and make everyone happy you may find yourself in trouble and your sensitivity may turn around to bite you.

    Yewande Love Island

    (Photo credit: https://www.itv.com/loveisland/yewande-biala)


    You are super sweet and are waiting for the right person to show up. This is both adorable and also kiiiiiiiiinda difficult.

    There is no doubt someone out there for you but you have to be prepared to be a bit thicker skinned and be ok to toughen through the less ideal beginnings phases of dating someone.

    When it comes down to it you will be absolutely fine given your emotional intelligence and awareness of what will truly work for you.

    Whoever your favourite Islander is as long as you don’t lay it on factor 50 all the time you should be golden. Whether someone is your type to a t or on paper or laptop or whatever just remember it is what it is and look after yourselves in that hot and steamy summer.

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