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What Your Outfit Colour Scheme Really Says About You

  • What Your Outfit Colour Scheme Really Says About You

    Last year, one of my friends decided that my wardrobe needed some brightening up. This is how I ended up with an extremely short (but pretty) velvet red dress that I’ve still not worn. Along with that, a short, studded denim skirt that I ended up taking on holiday and even then, it never adorned my body. It got to go on an international flight though, a luxury that my clothes and I don’t often get… boo! Regardless, I’ve been told that I dress quite stylishly, yet ‘like a grown up’. One of my friends told me I was his best dressed friend and, honestly, the compliment went straight to my head… diva behaviour probably ensued #sorrynotsorry.

    Diva behaviour over being told I wear great outfits

    Today, I wear a lot of black. I now live in jeans or leggings, with floaty tops or dresses. Usually paired with a cardigan (not trying to catch a cold out here London!) and a ton of jewellery. Lately, I’ve been trying to add more colour to my look. I feel like all the black I wear makes me seem unapproachable. A subconscious decision to stop strangers telling me their life stories on the tube? Possibly… I got me wondering though. What do our outfit colour schemes really say about us? Let’s find out…


    • Black

    One of my favourites to wear. Can’t go wrong with black. It’s impossible to look bad in it (if someone has the evidence to prove me wrong, then court is in session!) As a designer, my wearing of black isn’t odd. It’s essentially our uniform. Go into any coffee shop and you’ll be able to pinpoint the creatives rocking it. As if they can only use Pantone colour’s in their projects…

    Black says power and elegance. It’s classic. It’s a colour for the sensitive souls with big, aspiring dreams. Plus, it goes with everything 😉


    • Blue

    Got an interview coming up? Wear something blue to add that extra level of confidence to your already self-assured demeanour. Just like the waves that you daydream about in those long, never-ending office meetings, blue is associated with calm. It’s also very common to be seen wearing. If you’re looking to stand out, this is not the one. They don’t call it a sea of blue for nothing.

    Blue says kind, sympathetic and honest. It’s a colour for the reliable and calm among us.


    • Brown

    If you’re looking for more of a conservative route in your dressing, then brown is the way to go. As a colour of the earth, it suggests that you’re down to earth. If you’re trying to fake some approachability, add some brown to your wardrobe. (Note: You may as well be yourself, everyone else is taken! Also, how long can you fake it for? Effort!)

    Brown says reliable and neutral. It’s a colour that says approachable, so don’t be surprised if you suddenly people feel you’re easier to talk to.


    • Green

    Personally, love a bit of a green. There’s something so majestic about it. I always feel like it adds a little something extra to a person. A richness, maybe? There’s a peace that’s associated with green, as well as good moods. Depending on the shade, it also makes people think of dollar, dollar bills y’all. A lot of people have dreams like that 😉

    green dollar dollar bills y'all

    Green also says financially stable. Let’s be honest, if you’re financially stable, why wouldn’t you be in a good mood?!


    • Grey

    In the grand world of outfit colour schemes, some don’t even consider grey to be a contender. There are a lot of parallels that can be drawn between black and grey. Both are classics. However, grey is associated more with reliability and balance. We could all use some balance in our lives, right?

    Grey says organised and less emotional, not quite stoic but getting there…


    • Orange

    In the dark, grey world of the UK that rarely sees sunshine, why not bring the sun with your outfit colour scheme? An outfit filled with orange projects warmth, cheerfulness and ambition. However, like all good things, it has its downsides. Too much orange can mean you’re not taken seriously. I’m guessing there’s a reason Nickelodeon love it in their branding, huh.

    Orange says fun, attractive (ooh!) but flaky… I guess the way you’d describe the sun’s appearance on any given day in London.


    • Purple

    Ah, my favourite! Firstly, it represents sophistication and has long since been equated to flairs of royalty. Who among us doesn’t like to think of themselves as a Queen, or any strand of royal blood? As someone who frequently daydreams, it made sense to me to find out that purple is associated with being dreamy and creative. You’ll find that purple is one of the rarer colours you’ll see people don on. Too risky? That’s up to you…

    Purple says sophisticated, passionate and possibly unpredictable, guess you could be in for an adventure!


    • Red/Pink

    Technically, they are separate colours. Fun colour fact (if you’re into weird and random facts to use during awkward pauses in small talk.) Red is the only colour that doesn’t just follow the regular pattern of being a core colour with lighter hues. You can get light blues, greens, you name it. However, red stands apart by having its lighter hue being classed as its own separate colour. Thank you, here all week with my random colour facts, hmu!

    Working it in red power suit

    Red has always been associated with the most intense. Passion, energy, excitement, power. It’s striking. There’s a reason that women have been rocking red lipstick and dresses when they want to make a statement. You’ll always remember someone in red. Pink, on the other hand, is a more toned down and feminine sibling to red. You’ll be able to gauge the impact someone is going for based on whether they opted for red or pink. It may even let you know how to proceed with them 😉

    Red says bold and unforgettable. It says you want to be seen.


    • White

    The colour of purity since the very beginning. It’s where the idea of wearing a white dress on your wedding day stemmed from (not a necessity now, fashion trends have grown and evolved, so that people are adding their own mark to the tradition.) White is also the colour of optimism and freedom. It’s a brave colour to wear. It takes a certain level of assuredness to pull it off and not worry about spillage. (Just me? Cool, cool…)

    White says organised and detail orientated. It’s an outfit colour that says you always have a plan.


    • Yellow

    Similar connotations to our sunshine orange, it also says cheerful. If you’ve ever seen someone looking sad wearing yellow, please show me (SpongeBob and the Simpsons don’t count, they are yellow! Also, fictional!) Yellow also symbolises activeness (good to know if you’re one of those people that considers holding your phone above your face when lying down as a workout, no judgement!) Like it’s similar friend, yellow is not always sunshine and rainbows… it can symbolise fear, in the form of being timid or shy.

    Scared SpongeBob

    Yellow says cheerful and ready for adventure, probably one that involves hiking (which means I’m not going…)

    So, there you have it. What your outfit colour scheme really says about you. If you choose to use this as an indicator of someone’s character in life, try and remember that if someone wears grey once, they didn’t suddenly decide to be more stoic. People’s colour choices are usually subconscious, for the most part. Or just what they know looks good on them! One date with someone who wore orange, doesn’t automatically make them flaky either! Please peruse this list with caution, no ghosting people because they wore white once and they have no skills in organising anything!

    By Jordan Enaboifo

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