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What Is Zumping And 4 Other Dating In Isolation Trends

  • What Is Zumping And 4 Other Dating In Isolation Trends

    A lot has changed lately, I think that’s safe to say (and also a huge understatement.) One space that has felt that change is dating. Many singles have been getting creative. From ordering each other takeout to eat together over video chat, to taking to the streets for a romantic walk in a zorb ball (check out more cute isodating stories here.) However, with the good comes the bad. That’s right, if you thought dating trends and terms were a thing of the past, guess again peeps! So, without further ado, let us answer the question: what is Zumping and 4 other dating in isolation trends…

    when you're already over the dating in isolation trends


    • Zumping

    By now, I’m sure we’re all aware of Zoom, the video conferencing app that is favoured by businesses for meetings. Of course, staff love it for the background changes which provide much entertainment. Especially in the never-ending day that is life today. Well, Zoom has become essential for friends and family gatherings and has even made its way to the dating world. Which brings us to one of the more popular dating in isolation trends, Zumping.

    zumping one of the more popular dating in isolation trends

    Zumping is when you dump someone over Zoom (a nice little union of the words there, the only happy union for you if you’ve been zumped.) As it turns, self-isolating has become quite a neat way to end things that haven’t been working. Harsh but true. If someone doesn’t want to talk to you now, then you really know they’re not interested. At least with a zumping, you know where you stand.


    • Parasiting

    You may not know yet if you’ve taken part in this dating in isolation trend, but you will find out eventually. Look, we’re all bored. For some, that boredom has led to us finding ways (or people) to pass the time with. You might find yourself chatting to more people on dating apps. Are they your usual type, maybe not? Does it matter right now? No.

    parasitising is one of the common dating in isolation trends

    If you’re just finding people to chat to online to pass the time in lockdown and you know you have no intention of meeting up with them after and plan to bounce, then that’s parasiting. Of course, who knows how anything will be after lockdown. We’re in uncharted territory after all.

    • Housepumped

    Ah Houseparty, remember when everyone was obsessed and then a hacking scandal came out and people cooled it on there a bit? Well, it’s still a thing and people are using it for dates. It’s kind of perfect (as long as you remember to lock the room) because you have games too. Helps with breaking the ice for sure. Well, people are finding another use for it…

    housepumped is one of the dating in isolation trends that is getting popular

    Housepumped is a dating in isolation trend that means you’re being dumped on the Houseparty app. Ah technology, effective at bringing us together and letting people know that you don’t want to be together. So multifaceted!


    • Spouse Fishing

    Move over thirst traps, there’s a new dating in isolation trend in town! Sure, before we all wanted to show that we were keeping it tight, but now we’ve all been at the snacks one (definitely more) too many times. Now, we want to showcase other… assets during this difficult time. Hey, we’re in lockdown, but we’re still on the prowl in these streets!

    spouse fishing is one of the dating in isolation trends

    Introducing spouse fishing! Haven’t heard of it? Well, it’s when you post videos and photos of yourself cooking and cleaning. Just generally being a domestic god(dess) to hook in that future spouse and let them know you’re definitely hubby/wifey material. Look, Rapunzel found love in lockdown (in a place called Corona, look it up) why shouldn’t you try too?


    • Recycling

    Last, but by no means least, in our round up of dating in isolation trends. All this time in lockdown is bound to make us reflective of the past. We talked about it a little bit in our previous post on not texting your ex (catch up here) but did you know there was a name for it?

    Recycling is a surprisingly common dating in isolation trend

    It’s called recycling, the act of trying to get things going again with an ex during lockdown. Either because you’re either or isolation has made you remember your past relationship all wrong. Either way, don’t know who needs to hear this, but it’s probably a bad idea. Step away from the phone.

    don't text your ex, even it is a dating in isolation trend

    So, there you have it! An explanation of what Zumping is, as well as 4 other dating in isolation trends. Hopefully, you won’t even need to know half of these. If you are continuing to date, check out CLiKD and our dating in isolation (isodating) tips here! Happy to help 🙂

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