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Being unfaithful is not something out of the ordinary. However, some actions can be considered infidelity even if they may not seem so. An infidelity, when discovered, is one of the most painful sensations in the world because a commitment made between two people in which they swear mutual loyalty and respect has been broken.

It is said that women have a sixth sense, and it is common that we can seem crazy when we suspect infidelity because there are certain actions that, although they do not seem so, are considered disloyal within a relationship. So, without further ado, we tell you what types of infidelity exist so that you can be prepared for the typical phrase “she’s just a friend”.

When is a person considered unfaithful? As we mentioned in previous lines, there are some types of infidelities that, although they may not seem like it, are considered as such, so be careful with these acts.


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This type of infidelity can be very subtle. Micro-infidelities are those in which you flirt with someone, leading them to believe that you are interested in them, but always avoiding answering the question of whether you have a partner. Indeed, in some conversations the other person is not even mentioned.


You flirt with someone but always avoiding answering the question of whether you have a partner


Physical infidelity

This infidelity is the most common of all, as it is when two people become intimate. Where, in addition, your partner arranges to meet and be more than close with someone else. This infidelity can also be very dangerous because it can generate feelings of dependence or affection from the third party, which can lead to a breakup.



Emotional infidelity

Similar to micro-infidelities, in these situations there is no intimate encounter. A sentimental infidelity may last only one day or may only happen once during a dance, a few words in the ear and even a hug, but nothing more than that. It also occurs when there is a lot of trust between two people and even an interest, but nothing more.


May only happen once during a dance, a few words in the ear and even a hug



Digital infidelity

This type of infidelity occurs, as its name suggests, through social networks or digital platforms. Sexting can occur without the two parties ever having seen each other, or it could simply be an exchange of likes or comments.


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