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Where To Find Community Chat and Support?

  • Where To Find Community Chat and Support?

    Remember New Year’s when we were all, “Laters 2019! 2020 is gonna be my year, just watch!” Well, in case you didn’t already know, 2020 was all “Really?! Hold my beer!” Yes, we’re all collectively not having the best time. Covid-19 is seeing to that on a global level none of us expected. In the UK, we’ve essentially been grounded. Or on lockdown, as adults would call it. Tis true that our ‘fearless’ leader didn’t say the word lockdown, but it for sure looks like one. Hopefully, everyone is doing their part at the moment by social distancing. We have been at Team CLiKD (not the best time to pop over for a quick cuppa at the office!) However, we want to do more! You’ve probably seen our isodating (dating someone whilst following social distancing/self-isolation protocols) content. If not, check it out here, but we want to make sure people still feel part of a community and have spaces to chat. So, we had an idea…

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    Introducing Our Newest Feature

    Right now, it’s safe to say we’re all finding alternative ways to keep in contact with our favourite peeps. Video chat stans, where you at?! That being said, what about if you want to make new connections? Sure, dating is great (we’re not biased… obviously) but people in relationships and everything inbetween still want to make new friends. So, we’ve decided that aside from offering tips on how to isodate and providing isodating starter packs, we want to expand our reach…. We bring your the new Community Chat and Support feature, for free!
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    Now more than ever, we’re all more likely to feel lonely and our mental states need to remain as strong as possible. So, we’re offering users a free upgrade to their account so they can use this feature. So now, people will know what you’re looking for (and there won’t be any awkwardness if you’re already in a relationship and only want to make friends!) Just because we’re social distancing physically, doesn’t mean we have to emotionally right?!
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    So, if you’re interested, sign up below! Remember, Stay Home and Stay Social ❤️

    Community Chat and Support - Free Premium

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