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Which Zodiac Sign Couples Make the Best Matches

  • Which Zodiac Sign Couples Make the Best Matches

    When it comes to relationships, sometimes you click with someone immediately. The connection you have seems natural and the time you spend together effortless. Your energy just seems to be on the same wavelength, it’s compatible. In other cases, no matter how much you want something to work, it can just feel like an uphill battle.

    Astrology cannot tell you whether you definitely should or should not be with another person. Love is complex. Sometimes, the most unlikely couplings result in the most profound and life changing connections.

    Unlikey couple, yet compatible

    However, Astrology can tell you a lot about your innate, personal energy and your natural relationship style and challenges. It can give you a good idea of who you are likely to click with immediately and get along with easily, because you have compatible energies.

    Check out your Sun Sign below to see which Zodiac signs you are most compatible with.


    • Aries (March 21-April 19)

    When it comes to love, Aries takes the initiative. Aries rarely nurses secret crushes. If they like someone, they will be up front and honest with their feelings, despite the risk of rejection. Aries’ biggest challenge is that they can tend to be so focussed on their own feelings, that they can miss important signs that might suggest that their crush or partner is not on the same page.

    Aries confident about their compatibility

    Compatible: Leo, Libra

    Both Aries and Leo are ambitious, charismatic, and enjoy having the opportunity to shine. Any opportunity to dress up, make a statement and be the centre of attention is the perfect date. Think about hitting up a local gallery opening.

    Libra is very empathetic and in tune with the people around them, which makes them a good antidote to Aries’ self-involvement. An Escape Room experience makes a great date as Libra loves solving puzzles, and Aries has an intense competitive streak.


    • Taurus (April 20-May 20)

    Taurus is cautious when it comes to love. They need to be absolutely certain before they let someone past their defences. When they do manage to make a connection with someone, their devotion is complete. In fact, sometimes they can be so devoted to keeping their partner happy that they lose sight of their own needs.

    Taurus cautious about compatibility

    Compatible: Scorpio, Cancer

    Scorpio works will with Taurus because they are highly intuitive and can pick up on Taurus’ unspoken signals. Cynthia Thinnes from Numerology Sign says “even though a Taurus woman often sits off to the side when it comes to social occasions, a Scorpio man will notice her”. A cosy coffee makes an excellent first date, as both will enjoy the chance to get to know the other with minimal distraction.

    Cancer is also intuitive, but upfront and open with their emotions, which means that they are the perfect person to break down Taurus’ defences. Consider planning a picnic, as an Earth sign, being in nature always puts Taurus at ease.


    • Gemini (May 21-June 20)

    Gemini is outgoing, bubbly and always meeting new people. While new relationships are easy, keeping them going can be hard as Gemini is often distracted by the next thing, and can forget what was important yesterday. But their flighty nature masks a deep intellect, and nothing appeals more than good conversation.

    Distracted gemini who is compatible with pizza rolls

    Compatible: Aquarius, Sagittarius

    Aquarius matches Gemini’s lust for life, and their independent and confident nature means that they are not made insecure by Gemini’s wandering eye. Both are beep thinkers and talkers, so will form a fast connection over cocktails.

    Sagittarius, like Gemini, is always looking for a new adventure, so have the ability to hold Gemini’s attention. A date that takes both out of their comfort zone will help them form a fast connection. Abseiling anyone?


    • Cancer (June 21-July 22)

    Cancer wears their heart on their sleeve and dive into relationships without fear of being hurt. Fortunately, their deeply intuitive nature means that they are good at reading other people and rarely misstep based on faulty signals. Cancer does tend to be a people pleaser, and may hide parts of themselves or tell white lies in order to make something work.

    Cancer diving in because they're compatible

    Compatible: Capricorn, Taurus

    Capricorn’s tendency to nest and desire to build a safe and secure life appeals to Cancer, who wants those things too. Both will appreciate a traditional date like dinner and a movie, as they like the structure of moving forward on a predictable relationship path.

    iZodiac Signs mention that Taurus is cautious when it comes to love and will rarely make the first mood. Cancer can read Taurus’ unspoken signals, and Taurus will also never take advantage of Cancer’s giving nature. Dinner for two makes the perfect first date, so that Cancer and Taurus can simply focus on each other.


    • Leo (July 23-August 22)

    Leo is confidant, dominant and loves to be the centre of attention in all aspects of their life, including love. Despite being the type of person who isn’t afraid to put themselves first, they’re always generous, loving and honest with their partner. They do need a partner that can appreciate their ambition and ego and not be overwhelmed by it.

    Leo confident about compatibility

    Compatible: Aries, Aquarius

    Aries matches Leo’s ambition and confidence, and they will feed off each other rather than compete. Both will enjoy a date that lets them show off, to each other and the room. Do something competitive, or find the opportunity to dress up at a local gala.

    Aquarius will enjoy Leo’s energy, and can help Leo see when they are taking themselves too seriously. Aquarius enjoys an intellectually stimulating date, so consider a local art show, where Aquarius can learn, and Leo can network.


    • Virgo (August 23-September 22)

    Virgo is a strange balance of insecurity and confidence. While they are supremely confident in their talent and value, they are hugely self-critical and can beat themselves up over the smallest things. In relationships, they expect others to work to earn their trust, and can struggle to let people past the protective walls they have built.

    Virgo has their walls up about compatibility

    Compatible: Pisces, Sagittarius

    Pisces’ outgoing nature can help Virgo break out of their shell. Virgo will appreciate a date where they are doing something, as a distraction from Pisces’ firm attention. Mini golf is a great combination of distraction and quiet time together.

    Virgo and Capricorn both appreciate structure, and the process of hard work that it takes to reach a goal. When it comes to dating, both would prefer to be doing something productive or learning something new, so try an art class.


    • Libra (September 23-October 22)

    Libra is a social butterfly and thrives off the energy of others. They are also very good at reading the energy and feelings of others. Also, they do tend to be the type of person who is only happy when they are in a relationship. They are lovers rather than fighters, and will do almost anything to keep the peace.

    Libra is a lover not a fighter, very compatible

    Compatible: Aries, Sagittarius

    According to Valerie Mesa who spoke to Bustle, “Aries’ bold personality and assertiveness sweeps Libra right off their feet”. Libra’s empathy and intuition makes them the perfect antidote to Aries’ self-involvement and blindness when it comes to others. Both will enjoy the opportunity to get to know not just the other person, but the people in their lives, so a group date with friends can be a great idea.

    Sagittarius’ hands-off style when it comes to relationships works for Libra, who might otherwise smother themselves. Sagittarius and Libra are both extraverts and will enjoy a date in a vibrant environment, like a trip to the latest club to top the local scene.


    • Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

    While Scorpio shares the ambition and confidence of the fire signs, they also like to be pursued, and will rarely make the first move. However, this does not stop them from falling for someone hard and fast. While Scorpio is highly intuitive, they are also highly suspicious, and can read more into situations than there is.

    Scorpios are compatible, but never make the first move

    Compatible: Taurus, Pisces

    Scorpio and Taurus work because Scorpio has the ability to pick up on Taurus’ unspoken signals, and Taurus’ devotion means that they are unlikely to earn Scorpio’s ire. Keep it simple on the first date with a coffee and a chance to just get to know each other better.

    Pisces is the perfect antidote to Scorpio’s desire to be pursued, because Pisces enjoys the chase. They love the opportunity to wine, dine and show someone how important they are to them. No, a candle lit dinner in the best restaurant is not too over the top!


    • Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

    Sagittarius is always on the move in search of an adventure, you will never find them in the same spot for long. They are also fiercely independent, and can sometimes avoid relationships out of fear of being tied down. They also tend to have a tactless and superficial streak that can undermine relationships early in the game.

    Sagittarius are compatible and love adventure

    Compatible: Aries, Gemini

    While some people may find Sagittarius’ need to always be doing something new challenging, Gemini thrives on the variety and excitement. Plan a date that pushes boundaries. Visiting a theme park is not a cliché, and the adrenalin will help form a fast connection.

    Despite their contrasting natures, Libra and Sagittarius can quickly find an equilibrium and balance each other out. Both are extroverts and will enjoy a date in an environment where they can show off a bit, so why not hit up the latest club?


    • Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

    Capricorn is hard working and focused. They dream of building a stable and secure life, and they aren’t afraid to do the work to get there. Additionally, they enjoy the process as much as the reward. They are often busy, and it can be hard to catch their attention. Capricorn can also find it incredibly hard to make genuine compromises when something does not fit their plan.

    Capricorn are hard workers and compatible

    Compatible: Cancer, Virgo

    Like Capricorn, Cancer craves safety and stability, and they will quickly click on that front. Christine Schoenwald from Your Tango says “Capricorn and Cancer are two opposites that can work when joined together. Both signs are very focused on family, love, and security”. They both like a traditional approach to dating, maybe starting with coffee and graduating to dinner and a movie.

    Virgo and Capricorn both feel the need to never waste a minute of their precious life, and can feel frustrated when they feel like they are doing nothing productive. Go for a date where you both might learn something, like an art class.


    • Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

    Aquarius may seem shy and quiet, but they are independent and confident. Intellectual stimulation is Aquarius’ aphrodisiac, and they often find that it is friendship connections that develop into romance. Unfortunately, Aquarius is not great at reading other people, and often make mistakes in love.

    To be compatible with an Aquarius, stimulate their mind

    Compatible: Gemini, Leo

    Aquarius and Gemini share a lust for life, and Aquarius’ confident nature means that they will not feel slighted by Gemini’s wandering eye. Both enjoy whiling away the hours in deep intellectual discussion, so go out for drinks, not that the conversation will need lubrication.

    Unlike some signs, Aquarius thrives on Leo’s ambition and ego, and does not feel intimidated by it. Something like an art show can make a great date, as it will stimulate Aquarius’ intellectual side, and give Leo a chance to dress up and show off.


    • Pisces (February 19-March 20)

    Pisces is friendly, selfless and genuinely cares about the people in their lives. Family and friends are the most important thing to them. Pisces can tend to be a little over the top when it comes to relationships, as they enjoy pursing people and pulling out all the stops. Pisces is very forgiving and able to see the other side of arguments, which they rarely have.

    Pisces believe in family and friendship above all else, very compatible

    Compatible: Virgo, Scorpio

    Pisces and Virgo have a natural affinity, and Pisces’ more sociable nature can help crack Virgo’s introverted shell. Virgo may find Pisces’ over the top attention a little much, so a ‘doing date’ is best. Try mini golf for a good combination of activity and alone time.

    Scorpio likes to be pursued and Pisces enjoys the chase, making them the perfect pair. Pisces should go ahead and wine and dine Scorpio, it is the fastest way to their heart.

    Ask your Dream Mate on a Date

    Regardless of their sun sign, never be afraid to ask your dream mate out on a date. The only way to build a connection with someone is to put yourself out there and take a risk. However, it can’t hurt to put yourself ahead in the game. Find out what their preferred dating style is likely to be, and then plan the perfect date.

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