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Why do uniforms still excite us?

Many people are aroused by uniforms that denote a certain authority or in which a certain hierarchy can be recognized.

Firefighter, pilot, police officer, doctor, nurse, navy or army uniform; Uniform Dating remain one of the most popular sexual fetishes, and it’s a fetish that can help motivate and encourage a sexual encounter in the same way as other erotic toys.

This ‘fatal attraction’ to uniforms remains latent no matter how many years go by. A survey conducted in the United States found that 70% of American women chose firefighter uniforms for their recurring sexual fantasies, followed by police and medical uniforms. Another survey of women between the ages of 18 and 55 indicated that 29% of respondents had fantasized about having sex with policemen, 27% with airline pilots and 18% with firemen.

Many people confess to being attracted to uniforms, with men’s favorite being a flight attendant and women’s a lifeguard. But what is behind this fascination with these outfits and the stereotype they represent?


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What is behind the sexual fascination with uniforms?

There is no single reason for developing this uniform fetish, but sexology experts have shed some light on the matter. One of the most recurrent explanations is that behind (or underneath) many of these uniforms, such as army, firefighters or law enforcement uniforms, there is an assumption of physically fit and highly trained bodies.




Other sexologists point to a direct association of certain clothing, such as that of the military or law enforcement, with a sense of strength and aggressiveness. All of them also convey a certain confidence and can generate a sense of responsibility and maturity.


One explanation for this attraction is that it presupposes physically fit bodies underneath those uniforms



When it comes to uniforms, men and women are also excited by those that denote certain authority and those in which a certain hierarchy can be recognized (such as that of a doctor), which plays directly to the fetishist’s attraction to power.


The experts’ opinion

Experts explain that this occurs because the idea of firemen, soldiers or doctors, for example, is that of someone who is strong and powerful, as well as protective. They know how to take the reins in any situation and solve problems. Therefore, in a sexual relationship (or at least in a fantasy) the same conditions are assumed to provide maximum pleasure.


The idea of firemen, soldiers or doctors, is that of someone who is strong and powerful, as well as protective



It is clear: sexual fantasies involving people in uniform is an imaginary solution to our fear of authority. In our sexual games we reduce their power over us. Now that authority plays in our favor, giving us the attention we need, they are no longer our enemies, but our accomplices. Playing with authority is what usually causes us some curiosity and sexual arousal.


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