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6 Ways To Write The Perfect Dating Profile Bio

The beginning of a new year is the ultimate time that people decide to enact resolutions towards personal growth (disclaimer: however long that ‘growth’ lasts is subject to change, depending on how much alcohol was consumed at the time the resolution was announced, of course.) Nevertheless, one thing that people may want to give a makeover to is their dating profile bio. You know, to add a little something extra to make it shine and stand out. Truly turn it into the perfect dating profile bio.

Adding something extra to your dating profile bio

Look, change is hard but we’re always here to help you guys out 😉 Also, having a dating profile bio statistically gets you more matches and if people find it amusing, they’ll also be more likely to swipe right! So, with that in mind, here are 6 ways to write the perfect dating profile bio.


  1. Decide the Story You Want to Tell

The best way to approach your dating profile in general is to think of it as telling a story, or at the very least think of it as a brief outline of your story (after all your dating profile is the appetiser, you don’t want to give them the main 7 course meal right now!) You want to showcase your personality and all the little things that have cumulated to make you, well you. Whether you’re a creative who uses your voice to add some beauty to the world, or a gaming genius who has started writing their own code on the side, or a world traveller who is set on leaving their mark in every country; your potential matches need to get a taste of the type of person you are. This is so they can see if they can/want to fit into your storyline at all.



The bio is where you can flesh out the parts of your story

that the pictures don’t cover.



Your profile will, of course, include pictures of you (quick note, in case no one has told you already, if your profile has no pictures, you will likely get no matches. No one is out here looking to get catfished! Stats have shown that pictures of your laughing do three times better.) However, people can commonly neglect or even ignore their dating profile bio. The bio is where you can flesh out the parts of your story that the pictures don’t cover. Remember that, and also that your bio will prove to be a useful tool in helping to break some ice later on 😉


  1. Make a List of Your Favourite Things

Since your dating profile bio is meant to be short and sweet, lists are a great way of achieving that. In this instance, it’s a way of giving quick, brief glimpses into the world of you by just listing a few of your favourite things. Whether you’re into going to gigs, hiking, anything food related or deadpan humour, this list will help potential matches see what you guys have in common straight away, so get those thinking caps on and get writing!

Pay attention when working on your dating profile bio

The more passionate you are about something, the more specific you can be about it. If your passion is hiking, name the best hiking trails you’d like company on next time you go. If food is your thing, what type of foods are your favourite or what places are planning to hit on your next food tasting trip. Anything can be a passion as long as it’s important to you, so don’t be shy about giving a glimpse of it in your bio. Passion is a very attractive trait, so own it.


  1. Say What Character You’re Looking for

Now, you’ll notice here that I said character not characteristics and there is a huge difference. You have people who will openly put on their dating profile bio that they’re looking for someone with blues eyes, blonde hair who regularly shaves and that sort of thing isn’t going to get you anywhere in the long run. Not only is focusing on minute details like this kind of shallow, it also means you are significantly narrowing your dating pool. You might meet someone with green eyes and a shaved head who will turn out to be your perfect match, but you won’t know that if you’re only going for blondes.



Remember, if someone has got this far into reading

your dating profile bio, then they’re definitely interested

in what you’re into/looking for.



You can compromise on looks but you shouldn’t compromise on the person’s character. Having similar values is a huge part of attraction. Instead of saying you want someone with a six pack, you can just say someone ‘active’, as that focuses on a personality trait and not a physicality. Remember, if someone has got this far into reading your dating profile bio, then they’re definitely interested in what you’re into/looking for. This is also another step in narrowing down whether you and a match will have real potential, so don’t neglect it.


  1. Be Positive

As a smooth lead in from the above point, try to stay positive, people! It’s astonishing how many people honestly think they’re likely to get a date by listing all the things they don’t want or don’t like. Your dating profile bio is meant to be about attraction not deflection. Trust me, no one is going to sit with their friends looking at your dating profile bio and then say “Wow. Look at all this negativity. This person clearly hates EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. So. Hot.” Instead, they’re going to swipe left quicker than if your bio said you liked to kick puppies for fun. No one’s saying you shouldn’t be yourself but highlight positives!

Avoid negativity on your dating profile bio

Writing stuff like ‘no vegans, no drama queens etc.’ just reflects badly on you. Firstly, it shows you’re not tolerant of other people’s beliefs/decisions. Secondly, while you’re saying other people are the issue, you’re really suggesting you are the real problem. It’s like when someone says all their exes were crazy, guess what mate? The common denominator is you, so maybe you’re the problem. Food for thought? You attract what you put out there, so if it’s only negative vibes, don’t be surprised if that’s all you get back.


  1. Check Your Grammar and Spelling

I CANNOT stress this enough! Check. Your. Damn. Spelling. And. Grammar! God, there is nothing more irritating than getting a message full of mistakes. The great thing about technology today is that pretty much all devices come with some sort of spell check system. Plus, now that we have full keypads on phones, it takes less time to write a message. This leaves you plenty of time to check it before you send it. Repeatedly sending messages riddled with mistakes can say that you’re not really that concerned with presenting your best self. Your dating profile bio is the definition of presenting your best self, so proof read your bio before you put it up! If you’ve done it right, it should be super short anyway.



Don’t let incorrect grammar be the thing that comes

between you and a potential match.



Honestly, if I see another bio that uses ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ incorrectly, I’m throwing my phone out of a window! People tend to say it’s not a big deal, but if your bio is likely that your messages are probably like that and if you can’t be bothered to make sure you’re communicating properly over text, then is it too big a leap to think you won’t take care when communicating in person too? Don’t let incorrect grammar be the thing that comes between you and a potential match.


  1. Get Your Friend to Write It for You

Look, if all the above is making you stress out about writing the perfect dating profile bio, then have no fear. We got you! We have a very genius plan B… delegate! Yes, give the task of writing your dating profile bio to a close friend who knows you really well. (Side note: maybe not the friend who always logs onto your Facebook account and changes your status to something unspeakable… if people still do that.) The truth is, sometimes those nearest and dearest to us see qualities within us that we may not think about highlighting in our bio. Think about it, having a friend writing your bio could be just the confidence boost you need (let’s be honest, dating can be demoralising at times. You need a little pick me up every now and then to make it worthwhile.)

Being kind on your dating profile bio goes a long way

Now, no one is saying that you should get a friend to impersonate you for your dating profile bio, they can write it as a guest. You know, they’ll start with an introductory sentence like, “this is why you should date my ‘best friend, or whatever relation you guys are…’ and then they’ll say why you’re fabulous. Win-win! Also, it will provide at least one sound recommendation for your potential matches to consider. Everyone feels more comfortable when they have the assurance of another person, so use that to your advantage 🙂

So, there you have it, our 6 ways to write the perfect dating profile bio. Look, all these tips aside, the thing to remember is to be honest. You want someone who is going to like you for you and that won’t happen without honesty. If someone doesn’t like you, don’t stress! There are plenty of people who can’t wait to meet you… they just don’t know it yet but with CLiKD by your side, they will soon 😉


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