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How to know if you are in the friendzone

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The Friendzone is that situation in a friendship where one of you has a romantic or sexual interest in the other, but the other only sees you as a friend. However, we can only talk about the Friendzone if there is a friendly relationship involved.

That is, if you like your neighbor but you have never talked to them or they don’t know your name, you are not even in any zone.

Now, if you met the other person and were developing a friendship by spending time together or hanging out with other friends,  and they have not expressed any romantic interest in you, then yes you are in the Friendzone.

Here we want to set out the main signals for you to know if you are in the Friendzone. However, don’t worry if you find yourself trapped in the Friendzone and there really is no escape for you then CLiKD Dating App has plenty of new singles available.



They use phrases like: I need to find someone like you, but it’s not you!




If what you are reading sounds familiar, congratulations! You just found your new best friend. But if the romantic feeling is so strong that you can’t change your focus, then maybe it’s best to walk away. 



Your photos together will be to make someone jealous



Can you see them solely as a friend or will you always be wishing that one good day they change their mind and see you as something more? Can you offer an honest and open friendship, with all that that implies? Are you willing to hear about their new relationships and offer objective advice, and not advice that manipulates them in your favor?



If you can’t stand it and this friendship is not for you, sincerity will always be your best weapon, and it is not worth feeling sorry about: if he or she does not want to be with you, there is little you can do.

However, if you are completely determined to win their heart, follow these steps to achieve your goal of leaving the Friendzone.


If they don’t want to be with you, there is little you can do



Create competition

Go out with other “friends” and tell your friend-crush all about what you do. If they get half jealous or ask a lot of questions, you’re on the right track.

Disappear (a little)

You need to renegotiate your situation, and by begging or being there all day you will not achieve your goal; Remember that no one knows what they have until it´s gone.


After some time doing this, review how their attitude has changed and evaluate if it is worth ploughing ahead.

Dare yourself

Once you’re sure it’s worth the risk, you have three options: ask them out on a date, have a direct conversation, or jump right into the kiss.



And so, these are a few tips on how to know if you are in the friendzone, and how to try to leave it. So are you taking a risk or not?


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