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What Your Halloween Costume Will Really Say About You

  • What your halloween costume says about you

    It’s every creative’s favourite time of year again. Well, depending on how many friends you already have lined up trying to get you to do their make-up… anyway, YES Halloween!!!!!!!! Also, yay halloween costume time!

    Dancing pumpkin man

    An evening often peppered with too much sugar, too much fake blood and generally too much fun… but what to wear?

    It’s been a whole 365 days since last Halloween and you’ve given yourself 2 hours to make any kind of decision in your local party shop. Great work everyone!

    Let’s set the scene for you: You pick up Costume no. 1 – “F*CK, I did that 2 years ago…” Ok, don’t panic! Head to Costume no. 2 – “Ergh, I’m not gonna fit into that…” Damn it! Come on Costume no. 3 – “Will I get arrested for indecency if I wear this Borat Mankini on the tube?!”

    Dancing gnome in mankini

    Want to avoid all that? Here’s our official PSA! This is your (roughly) two-week warning to… GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER.

    One of the main difficulties with choosing a Halloween costume is choosing one that you’re comfortable with, but is also fun/ scary/ potentially sexy/ all of the above. So, we’re here to help you by confirming what your costume will say about you to people of interest.


    • Cat

    Right, let’s get this one out of the way fast. We all know the derision women often get for dressing as cats on Halloween. So much so that it’s now become ironic to do it.

    Screw it, wear your cat costume with pride! If you’re rocking a tight fitting catsuit with below-par eyeliner whiskers scrawled on, then own it. You want to be a sexy cat and (even though people may think you’re a bit basic and unoriginal) you’re doing this for you. If you’ve got thick enough skin to deflect any nay-sayers or creeps, then you’ll no doubt come across as super confident and empowered.

    cat in bread meme come to life

    On the other hand, if you’re wearing a cardboard sheet or foam board and some ears to be the cat stuck in bread meme, then that is outright phenomenal and all power to you.


    • Pumpkin

    You are a lot of fun, as well as being a straight up genius:

    1. Late October is freezing so the air pocket created by the size of your costume will keep you warm.
    2. Your costume is made to store snacks inside.
    3. You’re v on brand with the holiday.

    cute pumpkin

    Needless to say, the larger the pumpkin costume the funnier it is.


    • Skeleton

    So, this could go one of two ways: If you’ve done full on skeleton makeup, then that is fantastic effort from you and you will be largely admired/ feared depending on how good your face paint is. People may be intimidated by your face painting skills but, regardless, you’ll be turning heads.

    dancing skeleton

    However, if you’ve gone for a full onesie type dealio, then it’s fair because you’ve basically shown up in pyjamas. Just know you won’t be winning many halloween costume competitions, you’ll be comfy though so… consolation prize?


    • Vampire

    It’s been done (also probably by you when you were 8 and trick or treatin’ with your next-door neighbour) but it’s a classic. Once again, depending on how you go about it, you could look super sophisticated and cool – think Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire.

    Trying to be a sophisticate vampire

    The more blood and make up, the better (obviously) but regardless going as a Vampire is a pretty easy win and you’ll settle into wherever you’re partying pretty fast.


    • Werewolf

    Werewolf costume

    I’m gonna be honest, going as a werewolf is never a great practical idea. You can never be overdressed for Halloween, but there’ll be too much hair spray and fur combined with a face paint colour coordination that could look like you’ve just fallen into a puddle. If pulled off really well, you could look fantastic and terrifying. More often than not, you may just look a bit like a hairy zombie… if that’s the vibe you’re going for, rock it though!


    • Zombie

    Scarecrow. Or not...

    Thankfully (depending on who you speak to) the Zombie renaissance is over. Of course, some great movies and series’ came from it – shout out Zombieland – but fear of zombies has now been replaced with more meta interpretations, thanks to Black Mirror. Either way Zombie costumes aren’t what they were a few years ago. They make for a cheap costume idea that you can pull off with some holes ripped into a t-shirt and some fake blood but… meh. It’ll do in a pinch.


    • Pop Culture Figure

    This is where we start getting more niche and interesting. If you rock up to any party in something based in modern culture, then you’re either very cool and current, or kinda lame if you hang out with cynics. Either way, THIS is exactly what makes it awesome. You went fully in on your idea and not everyone is going to get it, but it doesn’t matter! The people that do will love it and you’ll be having fun regardless.

    demogorgan from stranger things

    Dressing up with your friends as the kids from Stranger Things – awesome! Going as the guy from the Why You Always Lying meme – Great. Anything pop cultural will always be a conversation starter, perfect if you’re looking for some icebreakers.


    • Superhero

    This is where niche gets more fun. If you’re a self-proclaimed superhero nerd, then you’ll be living your best life by going as Spiderman or one of the Joker’s (yes, even Jared Leto’s version counts.) With both Marvel and DC rolling out films here, there and everywhere, you’ve got a wealth of options to go for. It’s also now helpful given all the film universes have a vague realism to them. You don’t have to shoot for the sky by wearing crap tonnes of padding and green body paint.

    superhero pugs

    Also, comic book fans have a certain 6th sense to them that’ll instantly bring you in contact with other comic book fans, so it’s almost the ultimate practical and sociable costume idea. Who knows? You might find the Batman to your Catwoman or the Black Widow to your Hulk (I KNOW, but it might be someone’s idea of #OTP.)


    • Play on Words

    Thinking guy meme

    Anyone seen that episode of New Girl where Winston goes with his (then) girlfriend and she dresses like the phrase ‘it’s raining cats and dogs’? Excellent idea for a halloween costume! She dressed as a queen (for the reigning part) and pinned cat and dog toys to her dress. Winston didn’t get it, but that didn’t mean others didn’t. A little pretentious to some, sure, but costumes like this make people think and it’s a great way to see if others are on your, highly intellectual, level (aside from using CLiKD, of course 😉 )


    • Disney Prince/Princess/Hero/Villain

    You’ve done enough online quizzes on which one you’d be and seen enough articles on what a millennial version of them would look like, so why not go for it?

    Princess Jasmine cat style

    Similar to the whole cat situation, you risk basic taunts but it’ll also be more empowering and funnier, if done well. If you think that Cinderella would look better in a pair of Stan Smiths with a can of Stellar or that Aladdin may prefer a bucket hat to a Fez, then back it as your halloween costume.


    • Cult Film Character

    dancing american psycho

    You’re cultured, you’re interesting, potentially obnoxious, and boy is it a good look. It’s the best way to show off and be a bit of a tool, but get away with it because of the occasion. Whether you could see yourself rocking the Patrick Bateman or grab a friend to go as Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction, it will go down annoying well.


    • Controversial Figure

    Jonah Hill - 'No'

    Just don’t do it. Dressing up as a now disgraced celebrity or symbol of discrimination isn’t funny or clever. Also, on the subject of controversial, no blackface or any sort cultural appropriation! Ever! You can dress like Kanye, sure (I guess he’s not technically disgraced) but you don’t need to ‘add’ his skin tone as part of your halloween costume. Also, you could decide to go as one of the characters from Crazy, Rich Asians for example, but all you need is their outfit. Nothing else! Keep it respectful guys, someone’s race is never a costume!

    There we have it friends, our heads up on what your Halloween may end up like. Now, choose your costume well and have a spooktacular time.

    Dancing Mike Myers

    By Lucas Galley Greenwood

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